Micro and Macro influencers: How do they work

Update time:2024-04-23

The form of marketing is changing. If initially we trusted advertising, now we trust influencers who talk about different types of products. These days, influencers are becoming more popular because people trust them more than traditional marketing on TV or in magazines. They are people like you, but with a large following on social media.

It's important to remember that an influential person can have a small number of followers and still be more influential than someone else with a large number of followers. This is because listeners put an emphasis on finding authentic voices that resonate with specific markets and communities. Authenticity is also very important for millennials because they are the largest market for buying online products and they are there to capture.

Another thing to keep in mind is the engagement rate, which, according to the Corporate Financial Institute, refers to the level of interaction between user-created content and followers. This means that engagement can be higher or lower, depending on the number of followers and how a person interacts with the audience. In fact, businesses looking for influencers must pay attention to the number of followers they follow, because sometimes people with a lot of followers can be translated into fake engagement and branding, while small followers can be translated into trust and good engagement.

Microinfluencers have about 10,000 to 100,000 followers, and they are more fashion blogs, travel blogs, tech reviews, and lifestyle blogs. Audiences see them as experts in a particular field. Let's say you're a technology student who wants to start a channel about the importance of recycling in the tech industry. You'll see that your audience will be half tech fans and half environmentalists who think it's a good idea. You'll get to know your audience, and you'll put your creativity into these kinds of topics. It's important to understand both so that you can create targeted content.

It's easier to work with a micro-influencer because he or she is cheaper than a celebrity or macro influencer. In addition, influencers create brand awareness in a particular market or community. Then, when you use micro influencers, the participation rate is higher than when you use macro influencers.

According to marketers, it's good to use micro influencers in your campaign because the level of interaction with their followers is higher than macro influencers. That's a whopping 85 percent, and it's cheaper than running a campaign with a macro impact. They create brand awareness in a specific area so that people can start paying attention to that brand.

Then there is the authenticity of branding and influence. We must always remember that the bond between influencers and their followers is based on trust. If they think you're worthy of their trust, they'll help you build a fan base. Followers are the people who help you gain popularity, and partnerships with Zero Waste and tech brands will help you build an audience. It's important to always be authentic, because if you lose authenticity, you lose credibility.

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